Stall Holder Guidelines

There is always a site available for your stall - guaranteed!

People wishing to become a Boulder Market Day Stall Holder must register Market Member of Boulder Promotion & Development Association.  A Membership Fee of $10 is payable to help cover the costs of administration required by the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder and our Insurance Provider. 

The Membership Fee is to be paid upon booking your first stall of the year and is valid until 31st December.


Mandatory form for all Stall Holders at Boulder Market Day.

Click on "MARKET DAY MEMBERSHIP FORM" to open > Fill In > Save to Computer > Email to

All stall holders are required to confirm payment has been made before any site allocations are issued.

Stall Fees and Sizes

Private Single    $30
Private Double    $45
Commercial Single    $60
Commercial Double    $90
Community Organisation Single    $15
Community Organisation Double    $30
Power for Food Vendors    $15

Stalls are available along historic Burt St and in Loopline Park.  Single stall sites in Loopline Park are 3m x 3m.  Single stall sites along Burt St have approx. a 3m frontage, ensuring pedestrian access is not restricted.  Double stalls will have a 6m frontage in either the street or park.

If you are booking a stall for the first time this year,  please add $10 to your payment for your Affiliated Market Membership.

Concessions do not apply to smaller street stall sites restricted by retailers.  Powered sites are limited and may not be available when requested.


Fees can be paid in the following ways:

  Direct Deposit  

BSB: 036 125.  ACC: 467389.  

Please put your Name or Hobby/Trading Name as a reference

In Person

Golden Mile Loopline Railway - Hamilton & Burt Street
(located in Loopline Park)

Please send a text message or email to the Coordinator to advise your payment has been made.  Contact details can be found at the end of the Guidelines.  Forms and payments are collected once a week from Santamaria's, on Friday afternoon. 

All payments, including stall fees, membership fees and power fees, are to be paid BEFORE Market Day.

Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable once applications are accepted.  If you cannot attend on Market Day, please contact the Coordinator.  Your payment will be transferred to the next Market Day you attend.

Operating Times

Market Selling Time  -  9.00am – 1.00pm

Stall Setup Time  -  8am for Loopline Park stalls.

There is no time restriction for Burt Street stalls.

Stalls need to be setup by 8:45am.  Please see further information in the "Setup" section of these Guidelines.


·         Stalls on the Burt Street are an approximately a 3m x 1.5m area whether under an awning or in the open.

·         Stalls in Loopline Park are a 3m x 3m area.

·         Stall Holders must provide their own tables, chairs, cabanas, etc. 

·         Power is provided for the Boulder Markets at the Loopline Park Only and are currently all being used. (A power surcharge of $15 per stall is payable).

·         Boulder Promotions and Development Association (BPDA) may accept or reject any application at its sole discretion.            Selection will be on the basis of locality, quality and diversity.

·         Applications to sell goods that compete directly with local shops that may be opening on market day are discouraged.

·         The coordinator will allocate the site for all stalls:

o    Permanent Stall Holders: Same place every month

o    Regular Stall Holders: Same place every month. Need to attend 3 consecutive markets to be classified as a regular and you must notify coordinator if not attending or else site will be forfeited.

o    Casual Stall Holders:  are issued sites on a first come booking basis

o    New stall holders:  are issued sites on a first come booking basis

Booking A Stall and Stall Allocations

  • The first time you are booking a stall each year, a completed Market Membership Application Form must be submitted to the Coordinator.
  • Your Market Application Form can be submitted via email or handed in person at Santamaria's.  Your stall fee must accompany the application.  If you are submitting your form via email, please advise how payment was made.  
  • All payments are required BEFORE Market Day – via online – PayPal or Direct Debit, or:in person at Santamaria’s on Burt Street.  Details can be found in the "Payments" section of these Guidelines.
  • Each time you wish to book a stall after the first time, you only need to contact the Coordinator via email or text message saying that you wish to book a stall, which Market Day you want your stall and how payment was made.  You do not need to complete a Market Application Form each time you wish to attend.
  • Forms and payments are collected from Santamaria's every Friday afternoon.
  • Once your completed form, email or text notification message has been received and your payment has been confirmed, the Coordinator will allocate your stall location. 
  • Stall allocations will be issued by the Friday preceding the markets. 
  • New Stall Holders will received either a site map of Loopline Park or an image of their site on Burt St.  Stall Holders who are allocated the same stall location as their last attendance will receive confirmation of their booking but not an image or site map.

Market​s Application

  • 2018 Boulder Markets Membership form must be returned and payment received. These can be submitted via email.
  • The stall fee payment for the following markets must accompany this application.
  • After which, all Market Day applications are to be sent via email with payment details included in the email.
  • All payments are required BEFORE Market Day. Payments can be made: online – PayPal, in person (Santamaria’s on Burt Street) or Direct Debit: details are available on the website or below.

·         Payment needs to be deposited by to the bank by Wednesday before Market Day or receipt needs to be emailed to

Site fees paid on the day will incur an additional $10.00 Fee



The current stall fee schedule is on under Stall Holders/Frequently Asked Questions and is attached in the Quick Reference Guide for Stall Holders.

·         All stall holders must pay the Boulder Markets Membership Fee. This is due before attending your first market day.

·         Fees are charged per stall and per usage, please see attached.

·         A discount of two free markets is applicable for annual paying Stall Holders.

·         Some productions, animal performances and exhibits will need to supply proof of insurance before the market day.

·         Fees are non-refundable once application is accepted.

·         Food Vendors must pay an annual licence fee to the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder (CKB) and supply a copy of the license to BPDA before market day.  


·         Stallholder selling any foodstuff/drinks (whether prepared on site or not) must register with the CKB. Please contact the Health Department on 9021 9600.


·         Hamilton Street (Between Burt and Piesse Street) will be closed to traffic from 8am on the Sunday Market Day and Burt Street (Hamilton to Lane Street)

·         Stalls are required to be set up 15 minutes before the markets are due to start trading and vehicles should be removed from the Loopline Park 30 minutes before the markets open to the public.

·         Stalls not occupied by opening time may be re-allocated.


·         Loopline Park parking is available around the outskirts (unless traffic markets are aligned in the bays) and Burt Street where available.


·         Stall Holders are responsible for the safety of the public within allocated stall area and for the safety of products sold.

·         No vehicles are to enter/leave the grassed area of Loopline Park between 8.30am – 1pm

·         Stall Holders must ensure that all shelters, cabanas, umbrellas, tables, display boards etc. are adequately secured and comply with all safety regulations as requested by BPDA Coordinator. Soft objects (sandbags or plastic water containers) must be used as hold-downs.

·         Keep walkways clear and report any hazards to the BPDA Coordinator immediately.

·         Smoking by Stall Holders is discouraged.


·         Stall Holders are required to remain open until designated closing time. 

·         Stall holders are asked to help keep the area clean and tidy. Please remove all large boxes and packaging materials off the site and do not discharge grey water into the drains along the street.

·         Bins are provided for customer rubbish only.

·         Any faecal matter from animals situated in the park must be removed by the stallholder or customer.




Boulder Night Market

Once a year, a Boulder Night Market will be held as part of the festivities of the annual 'Carols In The Park'.  Carols In The Park is held in Loopline Park to celebrate the lighting of the Boulder Christmas Tree and the start of the festive season..

Stall bookings MUST be received and stall fees MUST be paid no later than 12 noon on the Thursday before the Night Market.  Late bookings will not be accepted.

For online payments (direct deposit or PayPal) please include the word "Night" with your name as a reference.

  • The Night Market will begin at 4:30pm on the advertised Friday afternoon of the event.   
  • Stalls are available on Burt Street only
  • Permanent Stall Holders (those who pay their fees annually) will be allocated their usual position.  All other stalls will be allocated from the top end of Burt St, down towards Lane St. 
  • Stall bookings and fees must be made before 12 noon on the Thursday before the Night Market.  If payment is made on the Thursday, proof of payment needs to be sent to the Coordinator. 
  • Please include the word "Night" in the reference along with your name.
  • Stall allocations will be issued the Thursday afternoon before the Friday Night Market, as sites will be determined upon the number of stalls booked.
  • Stalls cannot be set up unless they have been booked and allocated by the Coordinator.  
  • Permanent Stall Holders wishing to attend the Night Market will need to pay a stall fee, as the Night Market is an additional Market and is separate to the Boulder Market Day schedule.
  • Some sites may not have lighting after dark.  Stall Holders will need to provide their own adequate lighting if the lights have not been turned on by the Owner/Tenant of each shop.  Stalls can be dismantled once it becomes dark if there is no street lighting, or can remain open until 9pm if there is adequate lighting.
  • There is no road closure for Carols in the Park.  Stall holders can park in front of their stalls on  Burt St.

Due to stalls being available on Burt Street only, there will be no food vendors for the Night Markets. 

Contact Details

You can contact the Market Day Coordinator by sending a text message to 0407 990 019 or an email to

As this is a part time position, we will endeavor to return any contact made within 24-48 hours.




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