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The museum was officially opened in March 2004, after months of work by Nana Lye and a small team of dedicated volunteers. The committee was aware that the Loopline Railway was to be out of operation for a while, and this was seen as a way to keep interest in the Loopline alive.

Many of the exhibits at the museum have been donated by local people,while others are on loan from the Eastern Goldfields Historical Society, which is located in the Old Power House adjacent to the Boulder City Station.

In 1978 two Western Mining employees, Bryan Smith and Mike Wheeler, railway enthusiasts, decided to have one last run on the Loopline before it disappeared. They used a Wickham Rail Car and a weekend tourist run seemed viable.

In 1982 the Loopline commenced fulltime operations and continued until January 2004 when it was necessary for KCGM to claim the track to expand the Superpit operations. During this period, the Loopline Tourist Railway operated a variety of ex-WA Government Railways coaching stock and locomotives, including a dining car, purchased from Westrail, which was restored by the Loopline society.

The Museum building suffered extensive damage in the earthquake that happened on the 10th July 2010. Funding was sought and the building was completely refurbished by the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It now houses artifacts from the early days of the Goldfields, as well as rail memorabilia. Visitors can also visit the yard to have a closer look at the trains and carriages (Monday to Friday only)

Cnr Burt & Hamilton Streets, Boulder, 6432 Western Australia

08 9093 3055  |  info@loopline.com.au  |  www.loopline.com.au

Opening Hours: Currently Closed


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